a streaming video product

RTVE is an Spanish national channel who is very present on the Spanish and Latin America market.


The Rtve team noted that their audience increased the consumption of videos by mobile gadgets, 87% of people were consuming their content via mobile, in addition to registering many complaints from their users, because they do not have content that suits mobile devices .


So after identifying these issues and also watching the exponential growth of the video streaming product market rtve decided it was time to have their own digital product. As a product designer for Agile content and together with his team, we built the RTVE play digital platform.

The project

Role: Designer          Team: Agile Content I.T        Client: RTVE

Work Process

I was the only designer on this project, I worked since the beginning of the project and as a good virgo person, I like to follow some paths and process to keep ideas flow and put the team on the same page. I dont necessarily do this same process for all the projects, but I try to do a custom thinking for each one.

Research and pain mapping

Wireframing and protoype


Visual UI

Research and pain mapping

Research is a very complex topic that involves specialized and specific professionals in the field when it comes to a more complete and detailed research.


In this case, we did a small and relatively quick search, to better understand the Spanish public,  how they actually consume digital products and who are the big products there. After lots of meetings , calls with the client and few google forms we could define:

85% of the people prefers mobile than desktop or other

58% like to see videos while come and go of work

Netflix is the master  there

30% likes to see videos and series on their home or after lunch

These are some few informations we got on a qualitative research.

We also saw that:

People would like to have a service with more local content

Locals have to connect on local TV if they want to reach the news

The population of Spain is old and nor everyone likes technology and new devices

Wireframe and prototyping

After sketching and analyzing the core of the pain points, we started to wireframing the first ideas to start a more visual approach with the client/users and validate some insights.

Some mobile wireframe

Some web wireframes

Visual UI

After all steps done, it's time to to prepare UI patterns and kits to start the visual project. We worked on an agile enviorment and while I was sketching and doing wireframes our dev team was also starting to working on code structure while I was working on UI.

We worked on native mobile systems for Android and IOs, also for web and a  progressive web app .

Some android screens




I learned so much things on this project, I worked side by side with great people, P.O, P.M, devs from Brazil and from Spain. We break cultural rules to unite ideas and solve the user's problems. The majority of  projects not actually have ends, because people, business models, needs and problems changes by the time and it's a designer's work to be always looking for solving problems with design.

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